Thursday, June 28, 2007

Domestic Goddess

So far this week I've baked a loaf of wheat bread (it was a brick), 2 batches of cookies, and some fried okra from farmer's market on Wednesday. Today I am spending the day doing laundry. I cleaned Leah's room up on Wed. and Sarah's today. So I am domestic goddess this week.

It's been raining since Tuesday night with flash flood warnings. We got 1/2" yesterday and 9/10" today for a 2-day total of 1.4". Luckily our drainage problem has remained at bay since each shower only lasts for 30 min or so and it's at least 2 hours between rain storms; giving time for the water to drain away.

Watched Blood Diamond with Leo DiCaprio today. Pretty good movie, but nothing to rave about. Interesting learning about the "conflict diamond" trade. Makes me wonder if my wedding ring is one of them. Most likely is given the timeframe in which it was purchased.

Still thinking of getting away with Patrick sometime in late July or early August before we go to Burning Man. Ideas range from Herman, MO to Chicago or New Orleans.

Above: Vatican City At right: At Sunset

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gorgeous day

Today is a beautiful day out following a night of rain. A tour of the gardens delighted me with several new daylilies in bloom. The rains were not kind to all of them and a few were rainsoaked and streaked. Found this beauty blooming.... Vatican City.

Ran several errands today including ortho for Sarah, hair appt for Sarah (found out it's tomorrow though! doh!), and Verizon store with Matt. Finally got home to start laundry and work on my photos.

Discovered the bluebirds on the deck laid 3 eggs in the birdhouse Pat & Leah built together. Guess they did a good job! The cowbird laid another egg in the now abandoned bluebird nest in the copper/tile birdhouse. Wonder what will become of those 2 eggs....the first is still inside the nest there.