Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Blooms Today

Aphrodite double asiatic lily in bloom

I believe this is Tropical Dream, but no marker so not 100% sure.

Rain, rain... Go away....

Two inches of rain today led to another lake in the backyard. This time it was pretty bad in that the mulch washed out of the beds and onto the sidewalk, patio and eventually into the pool.
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Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder....

Enjoying the bluebird couple that set up home in one of my decorative birdhouses. Spotted a cowbird intruder the other day and now there is 2 brown speckled eggs and only 1 blue egg. There had been 2 blue eggs and a speckled one. Is the cowbird destroying the bluebird's own eggs to make room for its eggs?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A blog for a non-blogger

Well thought I'd start one of these. I have an online journal for gardening, so not sure if this will be useful or used. Time shall tell. Will hopefully be able to share things other than gardening here with friends & family.