Sunday, July 1, 2007


Finally stopped raining today. Had a total of 4.6" of rain over 4 days. Pat had started digging holes for drain pipe and two holes filled up with water. Today he discovered a frog living in the water and munching away on the little creatures growing in the water (some kind of larva....mosquito?).

Leah and I checked on the bluebird nest today hoping to find some chicks. But still just 4 pale blue eggs in the birdhouse. Soon hopefully we'll hear the chirps of chicks.

I discovered 100's of caterpillars of some kind all over one of my dogwood bushes. They've annihilated the leaves on the bush. Need to get something to kill them before they move on to the next dogwood or worse yet my daylilies. I posted a question about them on Dave's Garden. Hopefully there's an overwhelming answer that is the sure fix for the buggers.

It's been overcast even though the rains have left the city, so I still feel a bit "blue". Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine and I can get outside. Humidity will probably be horrific for the next few days. We needed the rain, but this was a bit overkill with most of it running off after the ground became saturated.

I've been thinking about starting a new mosaic project.....a stepping stone. I need to get more tiles to work with though. Maybe go to a flea market and look for some stuff to use....old plates or dishes perhaps. I bought mortar this week so it's a question of mosaic materials at this point.

Somehow or another Leah and I got on the topic of starvation. So I showed her Google pictures of starving people....nothing too over the top since she's only five. After she left, I did some browsing and ended up on the World Vision website. I ended up sponsoring a girl with the same birthday as Leah. She is in Colombia and her name is Dayan. As the commercial goes, for just $1 a day I can sponsor her. I look forward to writing to her and sending her things like stickers, hair ribbons, barrettes, and the like. They don't allow you to send them packages only letters and things that will fit into an envelope. I remember Grandma sponsoring a child I think she was from Ecuador (don't remember for sure). But Grandma sponsored her until she was an adult and may have continued to sponsor her after that....I don't really know. It made me feel like the day wasn't an entire waste....I did a good thing today.